HannityThe Fox News host Sean Hannity, who had been enthusiastic about a Cain candidacy, said the latest accusations “created doubt in people’s mind whether or not another shoe will drop.”

Give me a break! If any more shoes drop, the Cain campaign will be mistaken for the Nike assembly line.

What a predictable GOP apparatchik hack Sean Hannity has become. Does he ever surprise people by not parroting Republican Party talking points?

When Cain finally stops his denial act, his wife finally smacks his guilty face, and the “Christian conservative” finally drops out — I hope all of the right wing commentators who reflexively defended this fiend and smeared his victims will apologize to the American people.

Foremost among the sleaze peddlers was Ann Coulter, who said after the first allegations oozed out: “It’s outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative. This is another high-tech lynching.”

This was not a “high tech lynching,” it was serial low tech ass pinching by an out-of-control misogynist who believed his personal power and connections made him immune to the rules of order and civility. It’s the oldest story in Washington, really.

It boils my blood and turns my stomach to see how these hacks had no regard for the women who bravely came forward to tell their traumatic stories. When will the media stop quoting these clowns  who lack integrity and have no credibility?

Truth Wins Out sent out a press release excoriating Coulter for her cavalier statements about the accusers. The media blindly regurgitated her wounding and wicked words, but ignored legitimate criticism of these mindless and mean-spirited attacks.

When the Cain Train finally derails — the media should hold his defenders accountable for undermining the reputations of the women who spoke up in the face of conservative mud slinging and character assassination.