When Barney Frank announced his retirement, many wingnuts sensed that their opportunities to point out that Barney Frank is a gay homosexual who likes men were about to fade away, so they decided to say it one last time.

The Tennessee Teabaggery Association [I’m sure they’re called something close to that] is taking heat right now for one of those very comments:

The Tennessee Tea Party is trying to repair the fallout, following a derogatory post about Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank. Frank, who is openly gay, announced he will retire and not seek another term in congress.

The news of Franks retirement brought a derogatory tweet on the Tennessee Tea Party’s twitter feed. The remark was also posted on the party’s Facebook page as well. The tweet called Frank a pervert, and used a number of derogatory terms about Frank’s homosexuality.

Chris Sanders of the Tennessee Equality Project pointed out, in the nicest terms possible, that it’s pretty freaking sad that this Teabagger couldn’t think of anything to say about Frank’s policies, but simply figured it would suffice to call Barney a fag one last time. Here are Chris’s actual words:

“They chose to use terms that degrade the gay community. Can we keep the debate on policy, can we not get personal about people. Do you really have that much hate?,” said Sanders.

Seriously. Here’s what Tennessee’s High Priestess of Teabaggery, Tami Kilmarx, said about it:

“I am totally and completely responsible for anything produced by one of our staff or moderators. I am appalled by the language in the commentary. While privately and inwardly I may agree with the commentary, it is completely irresponsible for any one of us to write these kinds of commentaries. The individual who has written this commentary has been duly dealt with,” said Kilmarx in a Facebook post.

See?! She is simultaneously appalled by the bigotry, and also totally agrees with the bigotry! And here I’ve been saying for several years that what makes wingnuts so pathetic is their utter inability to hold two thoughts in their heads at once.

This is an anti-gay parallel, though, to the fact that many members of the Tennessee Association of Teabagging Practitioners and Chipmunk Taxidermists would never be unfriendly to the “lovely black family” who moved in next door and “keeps their yard so nice!,” but damn, you don’t want to hear what they say about black people around the dinner table.