santorumI suppose compared to Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum is marriage material, but this is pathetic:

Santorum said Gingrich’s stance of allowing exceptions [on abortion] is “inconsistent with mine and inconsistent clearly with most Iowans and, with respect to federal funding, with most Americans.”

Once Iowa conservatives are aware of Gingrich’s record, Santorum said, “my guess is that they’ll do what has happened to a lot of candidates, which is once you find out more about the candidates, you may try to look for another candidate.”

He added: “I may not be the guy that the girls are initially attracted to when they walk into the dance hall, but ultimately once you get to know all the folks, I’m the one you want to take home to Mom.”

Ew. I mean, granted, no woman in her right mind would want to take Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain home to Mom, but I’m struggling to imagine a scenario where that same woman would then opt for the piece pictured above. Unless this is what the lady and her mom are looking for.

[h/t Wonkette]