chris barronI support this idea from GOProud’s Chris Barron wholeheartedly, as it would continue and amplify the sideshow of failure that is the GOP primary process, to the amusement of normal people everywhere:

I love Herman Cain. I have spoken with him at length and I believe he is a good and decent person. I believe he is someone who speaks from the heart, someone who hasn’t been a product of our broken political system and someone who brings decades of real world business experience to this race. For me, however, this race has always been about the message and not just the messenger – and none of these allegations, true or false, about Cain’s personal life change the message one iota.


Every other candidate in this race is just another politician. Nominating any of them would do nothing to fundamentally transform the GOP and do nothing to strengthen the GOP. Herman Cain’ s campaign remains the only hope for Tea Party conservatives to show that politics as usual is over in the GOP.

It’s funny because Herman Cain not only seems to be a serial adulterer, but also because he’s a really, really bad candidate who would lose gloriously to Barack Obama while shouting “9-9-9!”

So please, yes, Herman Cain, stay in the race, to make your wanna-be wingnut gay lover happy, and to amuse America.

We’ll close with these words from Roger Ailes [the good one]:

The fact that Herman Cain spent 13 years trying to “help someone financially” and failed to do so should tell you everything you need to know about the Cain Presidency. “The economy just might turn around beginning about five years after my second term.”