sissySurprise, everybody, it’s The Holidays [I just victimized a buncha Fundamentalists right there, I sure did], which means that while the normal people of America are gearing up for some sort of The Holidays festivities [even Christmas!], wingnuts have reached the point in their liturgical calendar where they pause their usual whining and give thanks give to the poor simply stop yammering for five minutes to give the other 85% of the country a moment of respite ratchet up their whining about one particular fake issue: the liberals and atheists and gays and educated people who supposedly want to steal Christmas from them. Matt Barber decided to get a head start:

One conservative attorney says he has no sympathy for the atheists who have launched a holiday advertising campaign to promote their stance and attack Christians.

The billboard and newspaper ads that read “Bias Against Atheists is Naughty, Not Nice” are being placed in towns where atheists have made an effort to push religion out of the public arena.

“I have very little sympathy for atheists, the ones who are perpetrating anti-Christian bias,” admits Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action. “And when they receive a little push-back and people point out the reality that we are a Christian nation, they get in a huff.”

Let us break down his stupidity in three easy sentences:

1. Christians are a majority in this country, and atheists are simply making their voices heard. This is not, in and of itself, a crime against Christianity.

2. The billboards in question actually directly reference Christmas, which Matt Barber may be surprised to find out that many if not most atheists celebrate.

3. No, the United States is a secular nation which happens to be majority Christian, though those numbers are slipping every year. Only the willfully ignorant actually believe this is a “Christian nation.”

One more thing:

“It kind of falls on deaf ears when they start to play the victim card here, when atheist organizations across the United States like the ACLU and People for the American Way have religious liberty in their crosshairs,” the attorney contends.

Oh, those mean terrible atheists, who want to prevent Fundamentalist Christians from exercising rights that the Constitution never actually granted them in the first place. I mean, to backwards yokels like failed Allstate employee Matt Barber, it is a God-given [and therefore Constitutional, because they don’t really understand how America works] right to freely discriminate against and exercise bigotry against anyone who is different from them, and that decidedly includes atheists.

Anyway, welcome to The Holidays, Truth Wins Out readers, and please be aware that by enjoying them, however you enjoy them, you are making wingnuts like Matt Barber burst out of their suspenders in rage-filled jealousy and bitterness, as they just aren’t very happy people.