Poor Marcus Bachmann. Ever since we exposed his “ex-gay” therapy he has become a national punchline. On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian ended his season with this joke: “The Republican Party is an endless pit without a bottom. Except Marcus Bachmann. He’s a bottom.”

Such jokes must sting for a man who has crafted his whole life, faith, and “therapy” practice promoting his heterosexuality — and bashing the sexual orientation of those who are gay.

And now, David Letterman adds to the earned ridicule with the clip below. Marcus is clearly angry and bitter that America knows who he is and what he stands for as a result of Truth Wins Out exposing his therapy practice. This is why he is trying to collect $150 for canceled therapy appointments that Truth Wins Out does not owe.

His demand has nothing to do with reality. He personally called TWO’s Communications Director John Becker to collect, because he is angry about becoming fodder for late night comedians. Instead of attacking the messengers — maybe Marcus Bachmann should consider changing his heinous, cruel and obsolete views on LGBT people.

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