On October 7, 2011 PFOX President Greg Quinlan was interviewed on News-Plus with Mark Segraves (WDCW-TV). The comments, first noticed by Ex-Gay Watch, came to TWO’s attention on Tuesday. Throughout the show, Quinlan distorts reality and flat out dissembles on several subjects. Aside from fabricating stories about Truth Wins Out,  Quinlan also slanders scientist Dean Hamer. I informed Hamer about the interview and this is what he had to say:

“As a scientist at the National institutes of Health, the largest and best known biomedical research institution in the world, my research has been extensively peer-reviewed, replicated, and published  in respected journals. It’s ironic to be labelled a “liar” by an ideologue who consistently distorts and misreports scientific findings. While I am sympathetic with Mr. Quinlan’s discomfort and struggle with his own sexuality, that is no excuse for misleading people about how science has informed our understanding of  sexual orientation as a natural and fundamental aspect of human development.”