As Jeremy points out, this recent video from Bryan Fischer is notable in that he spends over seven minutes being as weird as he possibly can on so many gay subjects. This is truly a video of a man uncomfortable in his own skin. Let’s live-blog it!

0:15 – Barack Obama made out with world leaders in a Bennetton ad! The White House didn’t like it, and Bryan Fischer saw pictures of men kissing and immediately thought of anal sex, therefore these ads are calling Obama and Hu Jintao homoseckshul lovers, and furthermore therefore the fact that the White House didn’t like the ads means Barack Obama doesn’t like dudes in that way and is therefore a homophobe. QED, if you’re a moron!

1:00 – Bryan Fischer uses the phrase “homosexual clenches,” and because I can see the words coming out of his mouth, I start to gag a little bit. I may not make it through this video.

1:10 – There are some penguins in Canada who have been Doing The Gay together, and the fact that the zookeepers are trying to get them to mate with lady penguins means that they are ALSO homophobes, like Barry Obama! Of course, this is all just like unhinged liar Bryan Fischer, who is hateful/stupid enough to propagate the myth that the Nazis were a gay movement.

2:10 – Bryan argues though that the penguins are just buddies, and not gay at all! As we all know, it’s not gay if your vestigial wings don’t touch, and any X-rated-two-penguin tobogganing is simply “helping a buddy out.”

2:50 – Bryan is very, very dumb and thinks that the fact that the California Supreme Court ruled that the bigots have standing to defend Prop. 8 is good for their movement. He doesn’t seem to remember how much they embarrassed themselves every single time they have ever had to defend their dumbassery in court.

4:30 – If states don’t defend bigoted, unconstitutional laws, then they lied to God with their hands on the Bible when they were sworn i in! So saith the dingus.

4:40 – God, this video is long.

4:50 – Still grossed out by Bryan saying “homosexual clenches.”

5:10 – Bryan really, really, really wants the Jerry Sandusky crimes to be about homosexuality, even though they have nothing to do with homosexuality, but rather pedophilia. But that’s okay, because normal human Americans know that pedophilia and homosexuality have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Bryan also thinks that the media wants the Jerry Sandusky story to “go away” because of the gay angle that Bryan thinks is there. I guess in Bryan’s world, the media isn’t doing its job unless they burn Jerry Sandusky at the stake with a pink triangle affixed to his breast.

6:45 – Somebody on HuffPost wrote an article about Roman Polansky’s new movie, therefore liberals support men who rape little girls, but want the Sandusky story to go away, and now it’s over, oh thank god.