santorumThe Frothy Mix, née Santorum, had an exchange with a lesbian documentary filmmaker named Kristina Lapinski, and this is what happened:

After the debate was over, Lapinski walked up to the stage and mingled with the candidates. Placing her arm across Santorum’s shoulder for a picture, Lapinski told him that she was the one who had asked the same-sex marriage question, and she followed: “What would you do if I was your daughter?”
Santorum smiled, “I would love you!”
“Would you want me to get married and have a family?” asked Lapinski.
“Only if it were with a man.”
“But I am not attracted to men,” Lapinski retorted.
“But it is your choice,” Santorum insisted.
“Rick, it is not my choice!” Lapinski argued.
He continued with great authority: “Like anything in life, it is a choice. You may feel this is the way that it is supposed to be; you make decisions in life, and you choose what is right.”

He is truly the stupidest person in the public eye right now, and I’m including reality television in that equation.

Newt Gingrich also regurgitated tired talking points for Lapinski, and if you’d like to see that, you can click the above clicky.

[h/t Igor and Joe]