janice-shaw-crouseJanice Shaw Crouse of the Concerned Women for America is very concerned! You see, the Obama administration is upping its contributions in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, and they’ve appointed Ellen DeGeneres as a “special envoy” to raise awareness, etc. This is a problem because:

“She is openly lesbian and obviously is an activist on the issue of homosexual rights and has taken a very active role in pushing the homosexual agenda. So for her to be the person who’s out front and the face of the Obama administration in the whole fight against AIDS I think is inappropriate,” Crouse decides.

She is also concerned about how the appointee will be received in sub-Saharan Africa, where AIDS has been rampant. “There are plenty of Christian nations in that region and some Muslim nations in that region, so she is not going to receive a very warm welcome there or be an appropriate person to be the face of the fight against AIDS,” the CWA spokesperson warns.

Janice Shaw Crouse is well aware that certain nations like Uganda would rather kill gays than cure AIDS, and she wants people to know that she stands on the side of the oppressors, unlike that Ellen lesbian, I guess is the message here?