wojnarowiczLast year, there was a manufactured wingnut freak-out over a piece of art at the Smithsonian called Fire In My Belly by David Wojnarowicz. It was obviously manufactured because, as we all know, wingnuts don’t really do culture. No one had actually complained about the exhibit before some rube reporter decided to lose her marbles over it, which prompted actual congressmen [Boehner and Cantor] to do one of their little “stick it to the liberals” dances that go over so well with their hick base, threatening to cut funding from the Smithsonian. Anyway, they all said the exhibit was “anti-Christian,” which it actually wasn’t, but one would have to watch the piece to actually understand that, and again, wingnuts don’t do culture. So the Smithsonian caved, because liberals, sadly and pathetically, do that sometimes.

And now we are doing this again!

Having been pulled from an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution, a film which features ants crawling on a crucifix and a man stitching his mouth together will go on display as part of a larger homosexual exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York.

The nation’s second largest art museum, CNSNews.com reported last week, will feature A Fire In My Belly, a film by David Wojnarowicz, a homosexual producer who unsurprisingly died of AIDS, within an exhibit titled “Hide and Seek.”


Part of the larger “Hide and Seek” exhibit, which landed just before Christmas last year at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, A Fire in My Belly, critics note, is an amateurish attempt to say something, but about the only message it imparts is that its homosexual creator was a disturbed and tortured soul for whom a viewer should feel pity.

As CNS described the film, “[t]he four-minute version of the video shown in the exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery shows, among other images, ants crawling over the image of Jesus on a crucifix, two halves of a loaf of bread being sewn together, the bloody mouth of a man being sewn shut, a hand dropping coins, a man undressing, a man’s genitals, a bowl of blood, and mummified humans.”

Uh, I’ve seen the piece. One has to be incredibly stupid, if they actually know the context in which the piece was created, not to understand it. It’s art, and again, I know that culture is HARD FOR WINGNUTS, but it’s not difficult to interpret.

Isn’t this wingnut writer oh-so-pissy, though?

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League says he’s not protesting this time around, though:

Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights, says his organization will not campaign against the museum’s showing the offensive film. “We can’t be like in a dog and pony show every time they show the stupid video,” he told the New York Daily News.

But Donohue did attack museum director Arnold Lehman, who had defended the anti-Christian film by telling the Daily News, “For a city that prides itself on diversity and creativity, there couldn’t be a better exhibition.” Replied Donohue, “For Arnold Lehman, there is no such thing as anti-Catholic art. Catholics who disagree are apparently too stupid to appreciate the complexities of these masterpieces.”

Haha, NOT a dog and pony show? I thought that was basically the point of the Catholic League’s existence.

Anyway, so to sum up, I just had to report the exact same story I was reporting last year about this time, because wingnuts.

If you’d like to see the piece, it’s here.