Wayne wrote this morning about last night’s victories for openly gay candidates around the country, which is fantastic. It was even more than that, though. Last night there were several crucial victories, messages sent to the whackjobs who have taken over the Republican party that “we are sorry, but the American people aren’t like you and won’t let you ruin our country.” Mississippi voted its infamous “personhood amendment” down, and in Ohio, voters told Republican governor John Kasich exactly where he could put his union-busting SB5 law. In this clip, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz [D-FL] discuss the results.

In the clip, O’Donnell mentions that Ohio voters also rejected the individual mandate in the healthcare law passed under this administration, but Schultz also points out that a very conservative Republican judge upheld the HCR law as constitutional yesterday, which is another smackdown to extremists.