dumb dumb dumb dumb dumbEarlier this afternoon, I wrote about a weird robo call going around in an Iowa state senate race, which asks voters to call the Democrat in the running, Liz Mathis, and ask her which “homosexual sex acts” she endorses. Their reasoning is that, since Mathis supports marriage equality, she must have specific gay sexytime acts that she personally supports. Or something. Wingnuts are nothing if not bizarre and childish.

NOM had denied involvement in the robo calls, presumably because, though the anti-gay message presented therein is absolutely no different qualitatively than NOM’s beliefs, it’s not presented in a media-tested way. They like to slither the bigotry a little more gently into people’s brains, you see.

Well now, Brian Brown of NOM has stuck his foot all the way in his mouth, saying that the robo calls are designed to “steal” the election for the Democrat:

“Yesterday a phony group claiming to support marriage launched robo calls that were so offensive they clearly were designed to turn voters away from Cindy Golding because she supports marriage between one man and one woman,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM, in a statement released on their blog. “Neither NOM nor Family Leader had anything to do with these calls and we decry them. We call on the Attorney General to launch an investigation into this dirty trick to determine who is behind the calls, which are designed to steal the election from Ms. Golding.”

Brian. Brian, Brian, Brian. You do realize you just admitted that ads such as these ads, which contain nothing less than your true beliefs, may have the opposite of their intended effect, and repulse voters so much that they pull the lever for the Democrat out of disgust at “pro-family” Republicans, if nothing else.

How refreshing that Brian admits that his and his organization’s bigotry is outside of the mainstream of normal, non-wingnut Americans.

[h/t David Badash]