liz mathisIf wingnuts ruled the world [more than they already do], it would probably be commonplace for political candidates to have to put in their platform exactly which kinds of sex they endorse, and which kinds make them feel icky. The candidate with the most icky feelings wins!

In Iowa’s Senate races, a robo call has been going out accusing Democrat Liz Mathis of specifically endorsing homosexual sex acts:

ROBO CALL: Liz Mathis also endorses homosexual marriage. But Iowa just threw out three supreme court judges who also did. Homosexual marriage obviously involves homosexual sex. So, before you support Liz Mathis, call her at 319-899-0628 and ask her which homosexual sex acts she endorses.

Yes, this is the childish world wingnuts inhabit, one of jealousy, fear, trans fats and never being able to get a good parking space at Wal-Mart. Zack Ford points out that the group responsible calls itself Citizens for Honesty and Sound Marriage, whatever that means. Zack also points out that, though NOM and The FAMiLY LEADER [wingnuts like to play with letters], the largest groups in the state trying to rewrite hate into Iowa’s constitution, have distanced themselves from the calls, they play a role:

NOM and its Iowa-based partner The FAMiLY LEADER have “decried” the “bogus” calls, suggesting they’re a “dirty trick” and calling upon the Iowa Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation. Golding’s campaign has similarly distanced itself from the calls. Even if NOM is not directly responsible for the calls, the group is still responsible for using large sums of outside money to inject the issue of marriage into the race in the first place. If NOM was not prepared to stand by the homophobic rhetoric at the heart of their anti-equality argument, perhaps they should not have involved themselves at all.

Zing!  It’s sort of like when people like Porno Pete whine about how much they hate Fred Phelps and the God Hates Fags crew. It’s the same message, you guys! NOM just happens to be a little bit more measured in their delivery than this robo call group.

Here’s a TV report about these ridiculous calls: