mehlmanI have to say, I’m curious about this choice:

Out Magazine has named Ken Melhman as one of its “Out 100,” an “annual salute to the year’s most inspiring people.” Out credits Mehlman for his role lobbying politicians to pass marriage equality in New York and continuing to fight for marriage equality in other states. But as Joe.My.God. points out, Mehlman still supports anti-gay politicians…

The rest of that quote is not necessary. “Still supports anti-gay politicians” should do it, I think. No, wait, I’ll let Joe Jervis talk a little bit more:

Because Ken Mehlman finally came out as a millionaire gay banker and then played a “quietly instrumental role” in New York’s marriage equality battle, the folks at Out Magazine have forgiven his days as the head of the Republican National Committee, where he orchestrated numerous successful statewide campaigns to demonize and make illegal the lives and loves of LGBT people.

For all those millions of people made miserable by Ken Mehlman? Forgiven. The kids who killed themselves because of relentlessly vicious campaigns spawned by Ken Mehlman? Forgotten. The anti-gay politicians funded last year by Ken Mehlman? Ignored.

It seems to me that Ken Mehlman is benefitting a lot from Ken Mehlman’s newfound love for pro-gay advocacy.