From our comments section, where he probably shoulda just stayed quiet:

The jig is up: despite the Gay Left’s campaign to smear Christian, pro-family opponents as “haters,” more and more everyday people are recognizing that the nastiest, cruelest and most intolerant activists in America are homosexual militants like you, Dan Savage, Evan Hurst and the comically-named “Truth” Wins Out. All of you would be exposed as phonies if the “mainstream” media were anything close to impartial.

Haha, it’s funny because the opposite is true. We have reached the tipping point in the Religious Right-imposed “culture war,” more than half of Americans support marriage equality, and now we’ve moved on to the point where, like all movements toward equality that came before, the slim majority becomes a super majority at lightning speed, and the sad, pathetic haters who wasted their lives fighting against other people’s constitutional rights are relegated to the status of a Cheet-O stain in a high school history book, if that.