Cathleen-Galgiani_1This is great news. The more that we’re visible, the more that people realize that they’re around us every day, the more the slim majority that support full equality will turn into a super majority before we know it. Cathleen Galgiani, a Democratic assemblywoman in California, has come out:

Galgiani, D-Livingston, said that by coming out now, she hopes to send a positive message to young people who are struggling to come to terms with their sexual identity.

“It sickens me that young people would think about taking their lives because of who they are,” Galgiani said. Galgiani, 47, said it was not until well into adulthood, after she was elected to represent the 17th Assembly District in 2006, that she knew she was gay.

It IS sickening. More people need to follow Cathleen’s example. It’s hard to be one of just a few to come out publicly, but if thousands of us do it, it will make things so much better for so many kids.

[h/t Andy]