sweaty porno peteWarren Throckmorton has changed quite a bit over the years. Having become disillusioned when he realized what a motley crew of science-denying liars he was surrounded by in the Religious Right, he has increasingly spoken out against harmful “ex-gay” corporations and the anti-gay bigotry of the Religious Right. As a college professor, he was uniquely positioned to make this change, as his job description requires actual thinking, as opposed to people like Tony Perkins and Porno Pete, who are only expected to bark out anti-gay catchphrases, lie a lot, and in the case of Porno Pete, keep an encyclopedic photographic catalogue of what goes on at fetish sex events.

Porno Pete is upset that Warren has gone over to the “dark side” of thinking, analyzing and generally not being a reactionary, fearful wingnut, and he is asking him to apologize:

This morning I sent the following public letter to Grove City College professor and homosexuality-affirming blogger Warren Throckmorton, as well as dozens of pro-family leaders. Note that Throckmorton, a frequent critic of conservative evangelical leaders, has been singled out for praise by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center — the same SPLC that outrageously labeled AFTAH, Family Research Council, American Family Association and other mainstream pro-family organizations as “hate groups.”

I am sure this letter was the highlight of everyone’s day.

In another post we will publish Prof. Rob Gagnon’s response to Richard Cohen’s new and curiously “gay”-affirmative approach to the homosexual issue.

Only a hilarious fool would consider Richard Cohen’s “new approach” to the homosexual issue to be “gay-affirmative.”

So here is the letter. Let us correct its grammar and ideas:


I certainly don’t think Richard Cohen or anyone needs to apologize for stating the obvious truth that “Change [away from and rejecting homosexuality] is possible.” If we were to apologize for everything that “offends” hardened LGBT activists, we’d be apologizing 24/7.

Probably should get on that then. Of course, we’re not just talking about offending “hardened LGBT activists,” we’re also talking about destroying the families of gay people who end up killing themselves, having been so abused by the messages that come from people like Peter LaBarbera and Richard Cohen.

The question is, when will YOU apologize for affirming homosexuality as an acceptable (or innocuous) identity — while claiming (falsely) to uphold biblical orthodoxy?

“When will you apologize for pulling your head out of the sand and embracing reality, Warren? You don’t seem to be taking religious fundamentalist, reality-denying, pathetic, fearful wingnuttery seriously AT ALL. I am beginning to question your commitment to Sparkle Motion!”

When will YOU repent for working hand-in-hand with “gay” activists who are diametrically opposed to the Christian worldview on homosexuality as an overcomable sexual sin (and an abomination) — by actively discrediting the need AND potential for wholesome change away from same-sex behavior and indulging same-sex desires?

“When will YOU repent for telling the truth and not having a psychological problem, like my friends and I have, that compels us to give a hateful, knee-jerk response to everything that isn’t just like us? And you haven’t come and visited my photographic leathersex archives in a long time, and I’ve been texting you about it, like, a lot!”

You should either publicly apologize for undermining Scriptural (and observable) Truth — or renounce your claims to be faithful to historic Christian sexual teachings. This request is made more urgent by your employment with an evangelical institution, Grove City College, which purports to be “authentically Christian” — something few biblically-faithful observers of your recent flirtation with pro-”gay” advocacy would accuse you of being.

“While I am aware that my reference to ‘observable Truth’ is hilarious to all but the dumbest American citizens alive, I still feel the need to stand up and attack you and shame you in front of your employer, from my dark cubbyhole in the Chicago suburbs. This is actually my job! I am the leader of a hate group of one!”

I can document all the above statements concerning your conduct and “gay”-affirming advocacy, which has caused widespread consternation and confusion in Christian circles, and within the pro-family movement. You (or anyone) may publish this if you wish.

“I have the internet, just like everyone else does! Why, why, why won’t you call me?”


Peter LaBarbera



Cc: pro-family leaders

Cc: my various Precious Moments figurines.