dennis-pragerWhen wingnut writer Dennis Prager writes about sex and relationships, you know you’re in for a full-on, misogynistic weakling display of ignorance. For instance, he wrote quite a bit a few years ago about how marital rape really doesn’t exist, and how it’s a wife’s duty to let her husband have sex with her any time he wants, as a thank you for the fact that he’s not having sex with other women. Dennis is quite a charmer.

Today he’s back with a column at the National Review, about how feminism and ladies having rights has destroyed everything. Let’s take a look:

Yes, women have more opportunities to achieve career success; they are now members of most Jewish and Christian clergy; women’s college sports teams are given huge amounts of money; and there are far more women in political positions of power. But the prices paid for these changes — four in particular — have been great, and outweigh the gains for women, let alone for men and for society.

Dennis Prager cares about the ladies, first and foremost! Let him man-splain to all of the ladies how making things better for them has really made it so much worse.

The first was the feminist message to young women to have sex just as men do. There is no reason for them to lead a different sexual life than men, they were told. Just as men can have sex with any woman solely for the sake of physical pleasure, so, too, women ought to enjoy sex with any man just for the fun of it.

Why should women be free to act as men so often have? Because Dennis says it’s not good for the silly ladies:

As a result, vast numbers of young American women had, and continue to have, what are called “hookups”; and for some of them it is quite possible that no psychological or emotional price has been paid. But the majority of women who are promiscuous do pay prices. One is depression. New York Times columnist Ross Douthat recently summarized an academic study on the subject: “A young woman’s likelihood of depression rose steadily as her number of partners climbed and the present stability of her sex life diminished.”

Let us pause to consider Ross Douthat’s expertise in the area of sex and relationships. From his book:

One successful foray ended on the guest bed of a high school friend’s parents, with a girl who resembled a chunkier Reese Witherspoon drunkenly masticating my neck and cheeks. It had taken some time to reach this point–”Do most Harvard guys take so long to get what they want?” she had asked, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I wasn’t surewhat to say, but then I wasn’t sure this was what I wanted. My throat was dry from too much vodka, and her breasts, spilling out of pink pajamas, threatened my ability to. I was supposed to be excited, but I was bored and somewhat disgusted with myself, with her, with the whole business… and then whatever residual enthusiasm I felt for the venture dissipated, with shocking speed, as she nibbled at my ear and whispered–”You know, I’m on the pill…”

As Ken Layne remarked at the time, “Let’s see, misogynist passive-aggressive drunken jerk blaming his impotence on a woman having access to birth control? WE HAVE A WINNER.” Back to Dennis:

The second awful legacy of feminism has been the belief among women that they could and should postpone marriage until they developed their careers. Only then should they seriously consider looking for a husband. Thus, the decade or more during which women have the best chance to attract men is spent being preoccupied with developing a career. Again, I cite woman callers to my radio show over the past 20 years who have sadly looked back at what they now, at age 40, regard as 20 wasted years. Sure, these frequently bright and talented women have a fine career. But most women are not programmed to prefer a great career to a great man and a family.

Most women are not programmed to want careers, and it’s only the fact that they’re so easily led by feminists that causes them to pursue careers in the first place! Dennis instead presumably believes that women are programmed to stay pregnant and submissive, and again, to have sex with their husbands at all times, whenever the guy wants it.

The third sad feminist legacy is that so many women — and men — have bought the notion that women should work outside the home that for the first time in American history, and perhaps world history, vast numbers of children are not primarily raised by their mothers or even by an extended family member.

Ladies, you should not want financial independence or peace of mind! Why would you want to accomplish things on your own when a big strong man could do them for you?

Finally, though, is Dennis’s greatest concern for the women: how it affects men and makes him feel, personally. As it turns out, all you ladies with jobs and lives are making him feel like less of a tuff guy:

And the fourth awful legacy of feminism has been the demasculinization of men. For all of higher civilization’s recorded history, becoming a man was defined overwhelmingly as taking responsibility for a family. That notion — indeed the notion of masculinity itself — is regarded by feminism as the worst of sins: patriarchy.

Men need a role, or they become, as the title of George Gilder’s classic book on single men describes them: Naked Nomads. In little more than a generation, feminism has obliterated roles. If you wonder why so many men choose not to get married, the answer lies in large part in the contemporary devaluation of the husband and of the father — of men as men, in other words. Most men want to be honored in some way — as a husband, a father, a provider, as an accomplished something; they don’t want merely to be “equal partners” with a wife.

You see, men like Dennis Prager need to be honored and worshipped, not on their merits, but merely because they have penises. It makes them uncomfortable to consider the notion that they are not better than other people, simply on account of being dudes. It makes them feel unsexy and stupid to consider the idea of an “equal partnership” with a woman. After all, in an equal partnership, nobody is bowing down and groveling at their feet simply for existing, and men might actually have to ask ladies if it’s okay if they have sex with them. In short, you ladies, whether you are Ross Douthat’s Chunky Reese Witherspoon, or someone else entirely, are ruining everything for poor fools like Dennis, who obviously aren’t smart enough to make a mark on this world with their actual ideas.