chick-fil-a-anti-gay1__oPtEarlier this year, Chick-fil-A became embroiled in a controversy surrounding its donations to anti-gay groups. Though Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy denied having an “agenda against anyone,” an Equality Matters investigation discovered that Chick-fil-A donated more than $1 million to anti-gay causes between 2003 and 2008.

Now, new IRS 990 forms reveal that the company donated nearly two million dollars to anti-gay groups in 2009 alone, the most recent year for which public records are available.

I embarrassed to say that I went to eat at this restaurant one time out of a burning curiosity to try anti-gay chicken. But I’m not going back — especially after reading this report that gave me a latent case of indigestion.

Please tell your friends and family to go to KFC, Popeye’s or even raise their own chickens — anything but spending dough on this “restaurant” that is looking more like a front for funneling money directly into the hands of rabidly anti-gay organizations. The owner’s charitable arm even gave $1,000 to the “ex-gay” sham group Exodus International.