For some reason, gay wingnuts think that any time a law is passed which allows people more freedom to play with guns, it’s a victory for gay rights. Now, I’m a Southern liberal, which means I have no problem with guns in general, but that I also support sane gun control laws. But this, a measure passed in the House Judiciary Committee to allow conceal-and-carry reciprocity between states, has absolutely nothing to do with gay rights:

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved a measure which would give gay Americans a tool to help us defend ourselves against gay bashers.


It’s unfortunate that Democrats, to paraphrase Joe Biden, have no notion what it’s like for a gay man or lesbian to be on the other side of a thug intent on beating him up — with no means to defend himself. Let’s hope that organizations concerned with the welfare of gay Americans, like the Human Rights Campaign, will denounce House Democrats for their insensitivity to gay bashing.

Yeah. Um. The writer of that quote lives in West Hollywood, which is totally the Wild West of gay bashing.

I don’t feel the need to address the fundamental dishonesty of the suggestion that, by opposing the expansion of gun rights, Democrats are being “insensitive to gay bashing” — that’s just one of the trademarks of the garden variety wingnut blogger. “Stick it to ‘dem lib’ruls at all costs!,” is their mantra. And to their credit, even his regular commenters are going “what the hell does this thing have to do with that thing?”

But I’ve seen this argument before from gay wingnuts, and every time I see it, all I can see is abject fear of the outside world. Sad.