The hard work of Exodus International director Don Schmierer in 2009 is paying off:

Officials in Uganda have brought Uganda’s kill-the-gays legislation back to life.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek:

Uganda’s parliament voted to reopen a debate on a bill that seeks to outlaw homosexuality that may be expanded to include the death penalty for gay people.

The bill had died in the previous session of parliament, earlier this year, while under threat of U.S. and European human-rights sanctions. That threat has faded, as the U.S. has promised Uganda additional military aid to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army.

In 2009, Don Schmierer traveled to Uganda and co-keynoted what became the launch conference for the kill-the-gays legislation. Along with Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and Caleb Lee Brundidge — an acolyte of discredited therapist Richard Cohen — the Exodus board member assured Ugandans that parental upbringing and religious infidelity were to blame for any increase in undesirable sexual honesty and authenticity in their country — and that legal sanctions combined with Christian ex-gay therapy could rid their land of homosexuals.

Schmierer is program officer of Fieldstead & Company, the asset management company of far-right philanthropist Howard F. Ahmanson. Fieldstead has funded some extremist antigay U.S. projects in the United States, such as Linda Harvey‘s Mission America.

Box Turtle Bulletin details the latest Ugandan parliamentary maneuvers to exterminate homosexuals.