When the only attack they have left is calling their actually gay adversaries “gay,” it’s safe to say they’ve basically lost, I think:

Back in 2009, Dave Welch of the US Pastor Council took the lead in opposing the campaign of openly gay Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker but lost, leading Welch to apologize for letting our “position on the wall be breached by the enemy” while declaring Parker’s election to be evidence “of cancer of the soul among the people.”

So, in case you weren’t aware, Welch is not particularly supportive of Parker’s sexuality or her role in public office. And that is why, as the Texas Freedom Network reports, Welch’s organization sent out an email announcing a new video aiming to expose Parker’s nefarious agenda – a video that consists mostly of footage of Parker talking about equality and gving her partner a kiss on the cheek.

She’s GAY! Gay gay gay gay gay. So here is the thing: the only place that “gay” is a viable insult is in the schoolyard, and we’re working on fixing that. But going after someone for their sexuality is basically the refuge of (some) children. Of all ages, apparently. Here is his super, super scary video, where he explains that Annise Parker is a lesbian. Apparently he thinks that Houstonians have missed that.

I love the subtly foreboding music! It amazes me, though, that Dave Welch thinks that there are sane people alive that his ad will frighten.