randy thomasson reads gay picture bookLook, it’s Randy Thomasson, one of the anti-gay activists who’s so extreme that most on his own side are embarrassed to be seen with him, commenting on the proliferation of Queer Studies courses and concentrations in California universities. Randy, you will remember, is with the wingnut group Save California, and he believes bullied gay children cause their own deaths, even when they’re murdered. That is the caliber of individual we are dealing with. For no reason at all, I’m going to make fun of his quote about Queer Studies on the Janet Mefferd radio show as we go:

It’s an oxymoron, it should be called the promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality.

Does not explain how the word “oxymoron” applies.

They’re not studying it, if they studied whether it was normal or not they’d have to hold a news conference or tell all the students, you know what, ‘there’s no “gay gene,” we’ve never found it, nobody has found it, Hamer didn’t find it, LeVay didn’t find it,

Unscientific argument that betrays poor understanding of genetics. Typical wingnut.

we have noted there are thousands and thousands of former homosexuals and they’ve got families to prove it,

No citation for the “thousands” line. Of course, one of the flagship ex-gay leaders, John Smid, recently admitted that he’s still gay. Also, Alan Chambers admits he likes dudes. So “ex-gays” with families prove nothing.

they’ve got testimonies to prove it, we’ve seen that a huge amount of those of us in this lifestyle

“Those of us?”

were sexually molested or had very bad relationships with our fathers or our mothers, and we see that this is something that can be changed, certainly with bisexuality.

Wait, bisexuality can be changed? Into…what?

We acknowledge that transsexuality, cross-dressing is not normal,

It may not be “normal,” in that it is not “the norm,” but Randy has not shown how that makes it wrong.

cutting off healthy body parts is not natural, it takes a scalpel,

Indeed, it does take a scalpel, but gender dysmorphia is a recognized medical condition with a variety of treatments which are considered medically acceptable, by experts. We are very sorry that “being a wingnut” does not a medical expert make, which disqualifies Randy from all consideration.

and we have no evidence at all that this is a natural thing that people are born homosexual actually and it is a behavior. So we have to announce that as the findings of our study.’

If we’re dumb liars.

If they were honest, that’s what they would do, but they are dishonest so they are indoctrinating college students to think that homosexuality, bisexuality and transexuality is good and natural, maybe even for them,

They really think this is all some sort of ad campaign. And it is always so obvious, in their fears about “promotion” of homosexuality, that most anti-gay activists really are probably those who could, with the right amount of “promotion,” start living out and proud gay lives. Regular straight people aren’t freaked out by gay people.

but more so because the students that are interested in this are already relativistic because of the government school mentality they’ve been in through kindergarten through twelfth grade, probably. They are sitting ducks to become activists. So this is training up an army to become intolerant activists who want to trample parental rights, religious freedom, marriage, the Boy Scouts,

They are so obsessed with the Boy Scouts.

property rights, business rights, medical doctorate rights,


etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, free speech, religious freedom. This is very dangerous, it is on several campuses in California, and yes I do believe that this is a wave.

A wave of gay on campuses! If Fundamentalists like Randy want to have more of an impact on college campuses, maybe they should educate their children better so that they may get into good colleges. Yes, that does mean that Creation Science is unacceptable curriculum, except as fantasy fiction.

Because what do we have on most college campuses? Liberal administrators who allow this, so this is a fertile bed for an infection of Queer Studies that will not be studying anything that’s true but will be promoting a lie.

According to Randy, who, as a professional wingnut, is paid to stick his head in the sand and cry at the mention of gayness.

So sad, these people.