In 2009, the New Hampshire legislature voted to allow same-sex couples the freedom to marry. Since that time, support for marriage equality has only grown in the Granite State. In 2010, control of the legislature flipped to the GOP, and as a result, marriage rights for same-sex couples have come under attack from anti-gay extremist elements of the New Hampshire GOP.

This extremism flies in the face of public opinion. Newspapers have editorialized against efforts to overturn the state’s marriage equality law. A poll released earlier this month by the non-partisan University of New Hampshire Survey Center showed that 62% of New Hampshire residents oppose repealing marriage equality, with these results being nearly identical to those obtained in a February poll asking the same question. Even if you only count New Hampshire Republicans, support for overturning the law fails to win a majority.

Earlier this year, it looked as though New Hampshire Republicans were putting marriage repeal on the back burner when the House Judiciary Committee voted to push the issue to 2012. But Freedom to Marry is now reporting that a vote on the repeal bill is scheduled in the House Judiciary Committee for tomorrow, October 25. It looks as though despite strong and widespread public opposition, anti-gay extremists are indeed moving forward with their attacks on New Hampshire’s same-sex couples and families.

The next time you hear a marriage equality opponent spouting nonsense about “the will of the people” (as though minority rights should ever be subject to a majority vote…), tell them about what’s currently going on in New Hampshire. The truth is that wingnuts don’t care about the “will of the people,” only about imposing their will on the people.

Truth Wins Out will continue to monitor this attack on marriage in our neighboring state. In the meantime, please consider “liking” Standing Up for New Hampshire Families on Facebook to show solidarity with those fighting back against these attacks on equality and keep up with the latest developments out of the Granite State.