“Give it a rest,” a conservative Christian family member today told a gay Navy officer. In their Facebook conversation, the officer had just provided Bible verses which countered the antigay “clobber verses.”

The relative continued: “I love you, but you shouldn’t make enemies out of your loved ones who don’t agree. If God sees fit, maybe not in your lifetime or mine, things might change. I don’t know His will but when I pray I ask ‘Your will be done.'”

Just imagine Jesus of Nazareth telling God and the Apostles, “Give it a rest, guys. Find something better to do.” This Christian can’t quite be bothered to correct herself or right a wrong. Nor does she even pray for justice, not even for a soldier who defended her country. The most that she can muster is, “God, I can’t be bothered. You deal with it. Where are my earplugs?”

Skillfully restated with false piety, of course.