Does a Christian God love unconditionally?

Antigay parent's book Someone's SonOf course — until Christian Rightists elevate themselves above God and say otherwise.

In her book, “Somone’s Son,” Brenda Rhodes recalls how she corrected her son (who was dying from HIV/AIDS) when he asserted belief in a God of unconditional love.

Rhodes tells the American Family Association’s propaganda arm, OneNewsNow:

“He would get of the opinion that God loves us unconditionally no matter what we do,” Rhodes explains. “I told him that that is true but when we live outside of his bounds and we do things that we know we should not then it breaks the relationship with God and we have consequences that we have to live with, and even die with sometimes.”

Rhodes should have titled her book, “God Loves Me, Not Thee” — the tale of “bounds” set by a control-freak mother who vainly claims to be God’s spokeswoman.

Rhodes’ book advises other parents how to be stubbornly vain and prejudiced toward gay sons, how to equate sexual orientation with drug addiction, and how to mangle the Bible for perceived personal advantage and control. reviews
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