As “newsworthy” events go, this registers as minor, but it bugs me, so I’m posting about it. I’ve always been a big fan of The Killers, and lead singer Brandon Flowers. It has always been known that Flowers is a Mormon. That is fine. It’s also well-known, to him, that he has many, many, many gay fans. He’s posted this video where he talks about his life, his career, his family and the fact that he is a Mormon. It’s part of the series of videos from the Mormon church that have been spamming us on YouTube for a while now:

Okay, great, you’re cool, you’re talented, you love your family, you’re hot and guess what? You’re a Mormon. But he really never has said whether that Mormonism means that he agrees with his church on issues like homosexuality and Prop 8. I just think he should answer the question. So does Andy, from whom I shamelessly pulled the screen shot above. So come on, Flowers.

Answer the question, and then how about an It Gets Better video? Thanks in advance.