I have to take a deep breath when I see reports of unhinged bigots, who contribute daily to the climate of fear and bullying that ends up sending too many of our gay kids into spirals of depression and sometimes suicide, digging their heels in, taking no responsibility and actually blaming out gay people, the ones who actually give a damn about these kids, for their deaths. But like clockwork, and because the anti-gay set is making its transition into a fringe hate segment of the population at a rate even we couldn’t have imagined, we of course have a bigot blaming the most recent suicide, that of Jamie Hubley, on gays:

ST PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 18, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — Bill Keller, the world’s leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 12 years on the issues of the day from a Biblcial worldview, is calling out Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, the media, and gutless pastors for the suicide of a Canadian teen who claimed to be “gay.”

No, he was actually gay, and the voices of support he heard were from people like Rachel and Ellen, not to mention his favorite singers, and the people who abused him did so because people like Bill Keller inject the sort of anti-gay hatred into the discourse that creates a climate where it’s viewed as perfectly okay to terrorize gay kids for being different.

Last Friday, a 15-year-old Ottawa boy Jamie Hubley, committed suicide after documenting his hardships of being “gay.” Liveprayer’s Bill Keller said that while the media wants to demonize anyone who dares call this CHOICE of sexual activity what God calls it in the Bible, a sin, it is those in the media who glamorize and promote this choice as normal and acceptable, along with gutless pastors too afraid to speak out against this sin, along with faux churches that glorify this deviant, unnatural, and unhealthy choice of sexual activity, who are most responsible for Hubley’s death.

If only Jamie Hubley had been surrounded by more people who hated him and viewed him as a detestable abomination, maybe he’d be alive today.

Keller stated, “Sadly we deal with the loved ones of those who commit suicide every day. Suicide is a desperate and selfish act that is ultimately the sole responsibility of the person who made the choice to end their life.

And now he’s blaming Jamie directly. Cool. More Christian love, please:

Everyone who commits suicide has reasons that led them to make such a horrible decision. The fact is, suicide is exponentially higher amongst those who choose the homosexual lifestyle

No, I said “Christian love,” not head-in-the-sand, reality-denying, willful ignorance.

and while those in the media want to blame people like myself who take a Biblical stand on this issue, the fact is, they are the ones most responsible!”

“My exclamation point and my sanctimonious pigheaded self-satisfaction negate any need for me to explain my reasoning!”

Keller goes on, “A 15-year-old has no real understanding of sexuality, and most are still trying to figure out life and how they fit in.

Actually, at fifteen, boys tend to know what they’re sexually attracted to. Happens around, oh, puberty or so. Bill Keller may indeed come from such a repressed background that he was taught to view any biological sexual urge as a sin worthy or repentance and self-flagellation, but in the real world, a 15-year-old boy is perfectly capable of processing which gender/s he is or is not attracted to.

It is the homosexual community and media who promote this lifestyle to society, forcing it to validate legally and ethically this choice of sexual behavior and relationships to our children as normal, even desirable behavior!” He adds, “The Bible says in the last days the truth will become a lie, and the lie the truth.”

And for wingnuts, remember, it is ALWAYS the Last Days. Any day now!

Over the past 20 years, Liveprayer has helped thousands of men and women make the choice to turn from the sin of homosexuality.

Thousands! I had no idea they were so involved in the “ex-gay” business! I mean, even the former head of Exodus International’s flagship model, John Smid, admits that in his years upon years of “ministry,” he never saw a gay man turn straight.

Keller says, “Homosexuality is a bondage like alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything else people get addicted to. The great lie the homosexual community has successfully sold is that people are ‘born gay.’

Strange that people becoming free from those other “bondages” don’t tend to have increased rates of depression and suicide attempts after having undergone therapy to address their problems. Oh, but when people get thrown in the reparative therapy meat grinder, they do.

There is absolutely ZERO legitimate studies to support this claim. People are born with black skin or white skin, with blue eyes or green eyes, taking off your pants to have sex is a CHOICE!”

Dingus fundamentalist thinks that “taking off pants” is the same thing as “sexual orientation.” This is why we should not trust them around our children.

Keller concluded, “It is the God in the Bible, not Bill Keller, that calls homosexuality a sin. It is sad to see children, those who don’t even know what sex is, being brainwashed by our modern society that engaging in sex with a person of the same sex is a wonderful thing.

Dingus fundamentalist is ignorant enough to think that 15 year-olds don’t know what sex is.

God created sex between a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage. All sex outside of God’s plan is not only a sin, but destructive. We are fortunate to see God’s grace daily working in the lives of men and women who have been in bondage to the lie of homosexuality, as they find freedom, true joy, and true peace, living as God created us.”

Or they kill themselves! One or the other! Doesn’t mess with the narrative in Bill Keller’s head, so it doesn’t matter, I guess.