In keeping with their fear that LGBTQ activists are out to harm them (a case of psychological projection if ever there was one, given that ours is the side with a body count), conservative Christians are scared now that a judge has released the 138,000 signatures on petitions to fight a domestic partnership law in Washington. A judge handed over a DVD to the AP yesterday containing the signatures of people opposed to 2009’s Referendum 71, prompting a spokesman for the group Protect Marriage Washington to proclaim “I believe there will certainly be harassment, and I pray to God there isn’t more than that.”

Conservative Christian groups wanted to keep the signed petitions out of public view because they feared harassment from gay-rights supporters, some of whom have vowed to post the names of petition signers on the Internet.

But U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle said in his ruling Monday morning that petitioners who advocated for privacy provided only a few experiences of indecent statements and other uncomfortable conversations. Also, there was only speculation that those incidents were connected to the issue, he said.

As John Aravosis points out, there’s a rich irony in conservatives wanting government to step in and protect them.

It hardly bears repeating that progressive and LGBTQ people have more to fear from conservative bigots than the bigots do from progressives. Bigots kill us, beat us up, drive our children to suicide, and outlaw our marriages. We…what do we do? We ask them to stand behind their bigoted signatures. Oh, and the numbskulls among us have thrown bricks to protest an event featuring Scott Lively, who says things like “homosexual agenda represents an existential threat to Christian civilization and we’re in the final phase of the war, losing badly. It all hinges upon you, Christian reader.” Well, Scott, have a look at the DVD and start doing data entry; you’ve got at least 138,000 allies in Washington State.

[h/t AMERICAblog Gay]