Whoever did this, you’re not helping:

Vandals threw bricks through the window of a Christian school in suburban Chicago Saturday, the morning before a scheduled appearance by well-known conservative Christian activist against homosexuality, Scott Lively.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, plastic bags containing bricks scrawled with messages like “Shut down Lively” smashed multiple windows of Chicago Christian Liberty Academy as reported by the school’s pastor Calvin Lindstorm.

Lively, president of Abiding Truth Ministries and a strongly conservative voice against homosexuality, was scheduled to speak before a gathering Saturday evening hosted by Naperville-based Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality, a group that according to its website dedicates itself to exposing the homosexual activist agenda.

We, of course, know that the work of Scott Lively, as he spreads malicious lies to poorly informed people in order to demonize LGBT people, presumably fulfilling some strange psychological void in his life, is far more dangerous to humanity than a few bricks thrown through a window. Also, from the report, there is absolutely no evidence that this was done by gay activists. Regardless, it was a stupid act, and again, not helping, as Fundamentalist Christian Bigots are professional victims. Cue Porno Pete:

AFTAH leader Peter LaBarbera said he considered the incident to be a hate crime committed by gay activists.

“If this would have occurred at a gay church, there would have been a public outcry,” LaBarbera said in the Sun-Times.


For something to be defined as a “hate crime,” it has to be shown that it was hatred against, in this case, hateful bigots, that motivated the crime. Unfortunately for Pete, while Christianity and all other religious beliefs are protected under hate crimes laws [as they should be], simply being a malodorous bigot is not.

For instance, when people, motivated by religious anti-gay bigotry that trickles down through society, assault or kill gay people, that is a hate crime. Our side, of course, is still the only one with a bodycount.

One thing’s for sure, though: Pete’s little hate banquet got more press coverage than they ever would have on their own, if this incident hadn’t happened. Just sayin’.