Has no ninja powers at allFinally, some respect from the great state of Oklahoma. Here, Sally Kern talking the wingnut talk on the radio, while trying to sell her book about that time she was stoned by gays:

Kern: I have to be honest with you Rick, when I was sitting there in my car that day and when she told me that those emails were coming from homosexuals, honestly, fear gripped by whole body, because I was very aware of the homosexual lobbyists and the power that they have. And people say, ‘oh you’re so brave, so heroic,’ but I’m not, I’m just a sinner saved by grace and I was gripped with fear that day. I just said, ‘Lord, what have I done?’

Green: And not just I would think not just fear, not a political fear, physical fear; there’s a militant agenda out there as well.

Kern: It entered our mind but honestly, and I mentioned this in the book, the Saturday night when my husband and I sit down and really talked about this and prayed about it, when we asked ourselves the question, are we willing to even lose our lives over this? I can’t tell you, Rick, how liberating that was, it really was.

Got that? No? Well, you see apparently lobbyists who are homosexual and also have SO MUCH POWER are so scary that Normal God-Fearing [And Everything-Else-Fearing] Fundamentalists might lose their lives if the homosexual lobbyists decide to unleash their ninja powers.

We are totally like, bad-ass comic book supervillains in their world.


[h/t Unicorn Booty]