In terms of con artists Glenn Beck is really good. I just saw him speak at the Values Voters Summit and he has extremely high entertainment value. He is a master performer and can pull tears out of the sky when he needs to. However, in terms of substance, he needs a little work.

The low point of his sermon came when he repeatedly attacked people who got college loans and then complained when they were in debt. His answer: Skip college and educate yourself at the public library.

Sadly, the brainwashed and the brain dead sheep in the crowd cheered when he said this. Did they really hear what he was saying? Had they doomed their own children’s careers by not helping them obtain financing for college. Or, maybe they are hypocrites and got the loans for their own children and simply don’t give a damn about the future of other peoples’ kids.

I thought it was telling that Beck never suggested what people should do when asked for their education level on resumes. Should their resumes simply read “public library”?  And since conservatives hate public anything, won’t these institutions be on the chopping block too one day?

I’m ready to go home. The Values Voter Summit is just a collection of angry fundamentalists with wacky views who go through remarkable contortions to mask their true intentions. It’s a sad lot.