Andy posted these videos earlier, from New York state town clerks who are derelict in the duties of their jobs. They are victims, you see, because Maggie Gallagher says so. So, as part of Maggie’s new “Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance,” ** three religious bigots made videos whining about the fact that the state won’t give them a pass to do their jobs poorly, on account of their religious beliefs. Watch with the sound up, or watch with the sound down and put on some sad violin music.

Here is Rose, who is a sympathetic victim because all she really wants to do is take care of her cuddly farm animals anyway. Why are all the gays being mean by wanting equality?

Here is Laura Fotusky. Maggie has provided some scary music in order to convince the reader that Laura’s worries about her life being in danger are valid. Also, because it is October, and spooky music is in right now. Laura claims that her religious freedoms have been violated by marriage equality in New York, proving that she is completely unclear on what her religious freedoms actually are.

Finally, here is Ruth. Her video is also full of spooky music! They miss her at work, but she won’t go back because she just can’t imagine performing the duties of a secular government job anymore, now that there might be a gay couple here and there.

Truly, tales of woe and lamentations.

*Maggie’s new thing is apparently to give wingnut organizations really similar names to gay organizations, because that isn’t pathetic or anything.