BarronBut it’s okay, you guys, because gay wingnuts aren’t like those whiny liberal gays who think the rights laid out in the Constitution apply to them! Silly liberals.

Here’s Chris Barron, carrying water for Ann Coulter, who thinks it’s totally okay for Republicans to boo gay soldiers:

“Ann’s position on this clear, and so is GOProud’s,” says GOProud chairman Chris Barron. “We respectfully disagree. We aren’t the pod people here at GOProud. We can disagree among ourselves. Unlike the left and their RINO enablers we don’t believe that every person who opposes DADT repeal is anti-gay. Indeed Ann has done more for gay people — courageously speaking out at CPAC, for example — then most of the gay organizations here in D.C.”

The people who oppose gays in the military are not anti-gay, you guys! They just think that the military should be open to only some of the most qualified people in this country, not all. The fact that the ones they want to keep out are gay people doesn’t mean they’re anti-gay! Not in the slightest! Why, I bet some of those anti-DADT-repeal people would piss on gay people, if they were on fire!

But as I said weeks ago, Barron and Coulter look like they just might share a plastic surgeon, so we can understand why he would want to keep Waiting Room Time from getting awkward.