My notion of an average day in Peter LaBarbera’s life:

1. Wake up.
2. Get upset about gay thing.
3. Poop, while upset about gay thing.
4. Go down to office/dungeon/whatever it is and worry about lots of gay things.
5. Eat, while upset about gay thing.
6. Sleep and dream terrifying or maybe hot dreams about a gay thing.

But yesterday was exciting because he got to go on the radio and be upset about gay things! Brian at Right Wing Watch reports that Pete went on the Janet Mefferd show yesterday and lost it about the following stuff:

LaBarbera: You know I’m trying to get Christians to understand, look, it’s not about tolerance anymore; it’s about celebrating homosexuality.

Mefferd: Right, well we saw that just this week with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was one side of the story, everybody was in the streets rejoicing, everybody was happy, all the sudden the sun has come out, completely ignoring the fact that there were plenty of Americans who were grieving that particular decision.

LaBarbera: Absolutely Janet, that was so sad to see. I was looking at our Chicago Sun Times, two full pages celebrating the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. The media now pretends that there is no other side in this issue and we have to work around that. But the homosexuals are sort of knowing that they have the media with them, are trying all these techniques, and the gay activists are sending me taunting messages, ‘you’re next Peter!’ This is how bad it is. People don’t understand; we don’t use the term ‘homo-fascism’ lightly.

The CDC just reported that 2 percent of men who have sex with men are responsible for 61 percent of AIDS cases, if it were any other behavior in this culture, wouldn’t we see a mobilization by governments state, local, federal, by private organizations, everybody would be saying, ‘we have to stop this unhealthy behavior.’ But in homosexuality it’s the opposite, we’re actually promoting the very behavior that’s killing people.

It’s a hateful thing to say Peter LaBarbera, Janet Mefferd, these Christians are hateful, that in it of itself is raw bigotry and hatred. Total dominance is what they’re after. It’s not about tolerance it’s about dominance. Yes they’re on a march. This is one of the most successful American power campaigns that has ever existed. Consider in sixty years they went from being an aberrant, taboo lifestyle, which was ‘don’t even mention it,’ to now driving society. Even Ann Coulter is bending to the gay lobby, she joined GOProud, she wrote a book called ‘Demonic’ and it’s about the mob, the liberal mob, and guess which group she happened to leave out? The homosexual activists, who rose to power through a riot in Stonewall, they fought the cops; they threw bottles at the police. If there’s not a gay mafia that controls Hollywood and the media, even the liberals talk about the gay mafia now it’s that powerful, and yet Ann Coulter of all people left it out of the book, because she knew it might threaten her prominence in the media.

Okay, so it must be exciting to have a buddy to be upset about the gay things with! But let’s break this down real quick:

1. No one is asking anyone to “celebrate” anything, any more than we celebrate it when Peter and his wife do whatever it is they do. But not one gay activist has ever tried to take away Peter’s constitutional rights [the ones he actually has, rather than the ones he thinks he has], and we’d like the same courtesy.

2. The number of people “grieving” DADT repeal is so sadly minuscule that it doesn’t merit mention. David Duke’s/Tony Perkins’ mailing list probably was grieving about all sorts of things that day, most of which aren’t real, and there’s no need to send a camera to cover their weirdness. Upwards of 70% of Americans supported DADT repeal. No need to present “another side.”

3. He doesn’t use the term “homo-fascism” lightly because he made it up and thinks it is clever. Wingnuts don’t tend to understand the definitions of words, in general, but they get excited when they can tack “fascism” or “islamo” onto something and make a biiiiiiig word. Why he thinks this word is clever is beyond me, because Americans, for the most part, aren’t really worried about the “fascist” threat from us homos. That’s why we have majority support for pretty much every single equal right we want.

4. “It’s a hateful thing to say Peter LaBarbera is hateful” = “I know you are but what am I.” Again, though, most Americans understand that extremist Christians like Peter are among the greatest purveyors of irrational hate in this country.

5. His calling the gay rights movement an “American power movement” and suggesting that we’ve even captured Ann Coulter (!!!) is hilarious, as it shows off the wingnut motif of turning their ideological opponents into superheroes imbued with magical powers. It’s the ultimate exposition of a victim complex, coming from a sector of the population which has had an inordinate amount of influence on this nation’s history for a long, long time  now. Watching white, male, fundamentalist Christian men come to grips with the fact that they are actually on the same footing as everybody else is adorable.

Okay, I’m done. Brian has the audio at Right Wing Watch if you want to hear it. I don’t want it cluttering my blog.

Music post next? Yes.