Ex-Gay Watch points out that recent U.S. Internal Revenue Service filings confirm what Exodus International has long denied:

The abusive Christian Right quack-therapy network does try to change people’s sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, despite executive director Alan Chambers’ ongoing insistence to the public that his “ministries” merely help people with “unwanted homosexuality” grow closer to godliness through a new ideological “identity” of ambiguous “holysexuality.”

Furthermore, the organization admits in its IRS Form 990 filings that it seeks to convert people’s sexual orientation against their will.

In 2006, for example, the organization budgeted more than $124,000 for “missions and other outreach projects (that) allow Exodus to reach individuals not actively seeking help who may be open to change.”

That’s Exodus-speak for “lobbying for harsh antigay laws” and “pressuring parents to detain their teen-age children in ex-gay boot-camps.”

In 2007, Exodus budgeted more than $342,000 to provide “various education programs and publications that explain how to change sexual orientation” at a time when Exodus publicly denied the existence of sexual orientation, preferring instead to characterize sexual attraction as nothing more than a label or “identity” that could easily be swapped out in favor of Exodus’ unholy redefinition of Christian faith.