nom nom nomSo last night there was a star-studded reading of Dustin Lance Black’s 8 on Broadway.  The play, of course, is a dramatization of the Prop 8 trial, based on the actual transcripts.  Andy Towle reports that Maggie Gallagher showed up for some unknown reason.  She, of course, was a part of the trial and knew what happened.  Perhaps she’s not aware how much she embarrassed herself during the real thing and wanted to see it play out again on stage.  Andy’s got a full report with tons more pictures, but this is the part that just made me laugh:

[S]he obviously knew she was coming for a show. My friends Phil and Ronald sat directly in front of her. You can see Ronald in the top photo. They had a hard time listening to the show because along with her nerve, Ms. Gallagher brought a large plastic bag of loud food, which she rustled and munched throughout the production (she’s still got it on the way out). Perhaps she thought it was a popcorn flick she was going to. In any case, someone should have told her that it’s rude, perhaps even against the rules, to eat in the theatre. But we already know what Gallagher and her organization think of rules.

The one bright spot is that Gallagher, who presumably purchased her ticket, is now officially a supporter of the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

I would never have expected any of our opponents to have any sense of decorum, so this is not really surprising. It still makes me laugh though. Maybe she’s just taking the acronym for her hate organization a little bit too literally.