Flying monkeys at large, let’s take wing to keep an important gay newspaper from folding.

Q Salt Lake is the LGBTQ news source for citizens of Salt Lake City, Utah. Editor Michael Aaron warns that owing to slumping ad sales and a bad economy, the paper is in imminent danger of going under. It had to take out a loan to get the last issue published.

It sucks when a city loses a newspaper. It sucks, too, when a city loses a gay newspaper. But Salt Lake City losing its one and only gay newspaper? That would more than suck. Think about it–this is Utah, land of hate crimes and institutionalized homophobia. There’s no Provincetown or other oasis within hundreds of miles. Q Salt Lake is a crucial voice for queer Utahns. Help it out! Join the Facebook page! And if you know anyone who owns a business in the Salt Lake area, give Q Salt Lake a plug.