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Shut Out: Mississippi Hate Crime Shows the Mistreatment of Gay Widowers

When a pack of white teenagers beat 48-year-old James Craig Anderson within an inch of his life and then finished the job by running him over with a truck in June, they did so because Anderson was black. What the Jackson, Mississippi auto plant worker’s attackers didn’t know is that he was also gay, and that when he died that night he left behind a 4-year-old daughter and a partner of nearly 20 years, James Bradfield. Almost three months after losing his partner to a senseless hate crime, Bradfield is now facing yet another tragedy: a criminal justice system that says his and Anderson’s relationship doesn’t count in the eyes of the law.

This is why we fight.  Never mind the kooks over at NOM and elsewhere, who float one babbling nutcase theory after another as to why homosexuals want marriage equality.  Oh…they’re only after social acceptance.  Oh…they only want the benefits.  Oh…they want to force an affirmation of their lifestyle on everyone because deep down inside they’re sad and miserable and know it’s wrong. Whatever.  They’ll never get that this is why we fight, that this is why we will never stop fighting.  Until the day comes that we are equal in the eyes of the law.  Until the day comes when government no longer twists the knife death has stabbed into a lover’s heart.

Yes Orson Scott Card…they were only playing house.  And you and your friends on the NOM board of directors lost the war the moment you came to believe that hate was more powerful then love.