William e. Kelly of the southern Californian magazine Rage interviews Truth Wins Out’s John Becker.   tshirtwhite

What is Truth Wins Out (T.W.O.)?

Truth Wins Out is an organization formed by activist Wayne Besen in 2006 to expose the fraudulent “ex-gay” industry, to counteract their propaganda, oppose anti-LGBT religious extremism and educate Americans about LGBT people. It was formed the same week that George W. Bush invited so-called “ex-gay” activists to the White House to help him lobby for the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would have amended the U.S. Constitution to forbid same-sex couples from marrying.

How did you become involved?

I have followed Wayne’s work for several years but became involved with TWO in March of 2011 after meeting him when he spoke in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to that time, my husband Michael and I served as a spokescouple for Fair Wisconsin, the statewide LGBT rights organization in our home state.

How did the “sting” develop?

Reporters questioned TWO about rumors that the Bachmanns’ clinic was practicing so-called “ex-gay reparative therapy.”  When Michelle Goldberg of the Daily Beast contacted us, we decided to dig deeper. Wayne came up with the idea of going undercover but was too well known to do it himself, so I was asked. The goal was to document with 100 percent certainty whether Bachmann & Associates practiced “ex-gay therapy.”  Information about the sting was kept quiet until it hit the national media. My account of the experience can be found here.

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