As I’ve said before, when the wingnuts start losing Fox, that really means they’ve lost the war. Porno Pete has a desperate missive on his little hate dungeon blog, begging Fox News to please make it clear that they hate and are as bizarrely fixated on gays as much as Pete is:

Dear Readers,

One of the reasons we are in such big trouble regarding the promotion of homosexuality in our culture is that “conservatives” have stopped acting conservatively on this particular (sin) issue.

When Pete uses the word “conservative,” he means “backwoods, uneducated and medievally bigoted for no other reason besides the fact that Mommy and Daddy taught me to be.”

A good example is frequent FOX News guest Margaret Hoover. She espouses legalized homosexual “marriage” as a Republican Party and “conservative” issue — despite the longstanding GOP platform planks against counterfeit “same-sex marriage” and other aspects of the larger homosexual agenda. Please read below as Hoover makes the same fraudulent connection between homosexuality and race that drives Blacks nuts when it’s trotted out by “gay’ activists and liberals…

Pete is so concerned about The Blacks that he capitalizes “blacks.” Of course, there are many The Blacks who aren’t driven “nuts” by that comparison. The late Coretta Scott King was a notable one. Civil Rights leaders like John Lewis, who actually know something about the Civil Rights Movement, are also worthy of mention. Julian Bond, the chair of the NAACP…

Et cetera, et cetera.

But please do remember, that Porno Pete is an expert on The Blacks, as he has a long history of co-opting them for bigoted purposes. They’re tight!

Here is the very sane thing that Margaret Hoover said, which has Pete’s assless chaps all bunchy:

We Republicans have often found ourselves on the wrong side of civil rights struggles since the 1960s, but there was a reason that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s father is said to have supported Republicans.

Republicans were historically the party ever-expanding freedom to disenfranchised minorities, from newly liberated slaves to giving women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was a Republican. By supporting the [pro-homosexuality American Foundation for Equal Rights trial against California’s Proposition 8 upholding traditional marriage as between a man and a woman] we have an opportunity to establish our historic credibility on civil rights issues once again. But we should support marriage equality because it is the right thing to do.

Gays and lesbians are our friends, neighbors, doctors, colleagues, sisters and brothers. Does it sit well with you that because of their sexual orientation, a factor outside one’s control, that they should have less rights and protections in the eyes of the law?…

That’s why the Supreme Court, in 1967 Loving v. Virginia, legalized interracial marriage –six years after our current president was born to an interracial couple. At that time 73% of the population opposed “miscegenation.” How long would it have taken to change popular opinion, for the minority to democratically win their constitutional rights? As Martin Luther King, Jr. famously asserted, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Yay, Margaret Hoover.

Anywho, he’s really upset that that was on the Fox News website, and that his beloved wingnut network is slowly beginning to tell his kind to go to hell on these issues. It’s a slow process, but it is indeed happening, and the reason, which Pete et al. have never been able to understand or accept, is that News Corp never actually cared about them or respected their beliefs as people, but simply saw them as a ratings demographic — the bitter, cranky, whiny, low-information white set of voters — and has played that card for all it’s worth.  But Fox News also recognizes that, though there is still some steam in that demographic, even they are slowly starting to abandon the bigotry of old when it comes to gays.  Simply put, there’s a hell of a lot of Teabaggers who have gay relatives and neighbors and sons and daughters, and though the network can still play ooga booga with them on make-believe black crime waves and presidential birth certificates, peddling anti-gay bigotry just isn’t such a safe bet for them anymore.

They never respected you, Pete.  They wanted your money.  Deal wit’ it.