The zombie shit starts on the next page of the book.Bigots are running out of anti-gay smears.  They know that normal people laugh at them when they try to conflate us with pedophiles.  They know that normal people make fun of them when they try to compare us to Nazis.  They know that normal people recoil in disgust when they compare us to murderers or whatever else is in one of their lists o’ sins.  So…zombies?  Eh, why not, let’s give it a go!  Randy Thomasson of Save California:

“Any day of the week starting in January, children as young as kindergarten will be told that a homosexual, a bisexual, or even a cross-dresser or someone who has had healthy body parts in a sex-change operation cut off – that this is a positive role model. They’re not going to be told that it’s unhealthy; they’re not going to be told, well is this natural or is this a matter of environment. They won’t be told it. So, there’s no critical thinking.

“This is basically the gay activists kidnapping the brains of the kids, and the parents have no say whatsoever.”

Okay. Here is the video of the weird socially awkward man calling us zombies [skip to 1:45 or so to get the full train of stupid]:

[h/t Autumn]