I'm David, and I'm upsseeeeettttttDavid Fowler is the busybody head of the adorably-named Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACTn), and he has it all figured out.  You see, the gays of Tennessee are in a secret society, and they’re secretly using their secret society to force insurance giant Blue Cross to bend to their big gay will:

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender business owners in a push for supplier diversity is generating fire and brimstone from a conservative Christian advocacy group headed by former state Sen. David Fowler.

In an email, the one-time Signal Mountain attorney who is now president of the Family Action Council of Tennessee accuses the Chattanooga-based insurer of having “officially joined the ‘culture wars’ with a quiet little move.”

“Appears that the insurer is trading in its traditional blue for a rainbow of colors,” jabbed Fowler, alluding to the color blue BlueCross uses in promotions and the multicolored gay-pride flag.

He cites an Aug. 24 letter BlueCross sent to company suppliers. In it, BlueCross states the company, through its Supplier Diversity Team, is “passionately adopting the spirit of diversity within its supplier business relationships,” including lesbian-, gay-, bisexual- and transgender-owned businesses.

And in a sad, pathetic wingnut’s world, even mentioning words like “diversity” is enough to make one run for the hills. Also:

In his email, Fowler says that “clearly the LGBT community is no longer disadvantaged nor unable to protect itself in the business world.”

The former lawmaker speculated that BlueCross’ move may stem from what he says was a backlash from national gay organizations this spring after the Republican-controlled General Assembly passed a Fowler-generated bill that banned cities from enacting ordinances banning anti-gay discrimination by local government-contractors.

Ah, so we’re NOT disadvantaged, but the wingnut speculates that the insurance company’s move might just maybe stem from this little thing that happened a few months ago in Tennessee, wherein the wingnut and his perpetually winded horde of all caps-loving minions pushed and passed a big government bill that denies municipalities in Tennessee the right to enact nondiscrimination policies intended to protect, among others, gays and lesbians.  Does this idiot even know what’s coming out of his mouth?

Betsy Phillips at Nashville Scene puts this in perspective, highlighting the hypocrisy of lil’ David:

Did gay groups pressure BlueCross? Who knows? Who cares? For the sake of argument, though, let’s say they did. Why would it be wrong for gay people to use the same tactics as David Fowler? He’s squawking, “They hit me back!” — and this is getting media play? Is there no one in this state who will say, “David, if you don’t like it when people do it to you, don’t do it to them?” (Sunday school was a long time ago, but I dimly recall something about a Golden Rule.) At the very least, is there no one willing to point and laugh?

This Tennessee writer does on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. All Truth Wins Out readers are free to take a moment wherever you may be sitting, for the purpose of pointing, laughing and making fun of David Fowler of the Family Action Council of Tennessee. One, two, three, GO!