horrifyingJust curious, since she said this about Phyllis Schlafly:

If I could just say a couple of words about Phyllis Schlafly, she is my heroine and my example as a forerunner. As a young bride and a young mother, I read faithfully “The Phyllis Schlafly Report;” she was my lifeline to what was happening in the world.

She truly is the mother of the modern conservative movement …

I think she is the most important woman in the United States in the last one hundred years.

Whatever Phyllis Schlafly says, it’s important that we listen because she’s there on every issue, on every front. She is our hero, our heroine, our stalwart and I absolutely adore her. So God bless you, my dear mentor and the person that I hope to be some day. So thank you very much, Phyllis.

Aside from the fact that it’s horrifying that any human alive would consider Phyllis Schlafly the “most important woman in the United States” during any time period…

Phyllis Schlafly, of course, does not believe marital rape really exists.

So, is Bachmann as crazy as her heroine?

[h/t Tengrain]