Writing about what is surely the Next Big Thing among three or four Rand worshippers somewhere, the “patriotic rock band” Madison Uprising [not kidding], TBogg put together one of those paragraphs which explains, pretty much in full, the type of people we liberal gay types have to deal with on a daily basis, so I figured I could phone in a post by sharing it with you:

If there is one thing that makes conservatives absolutely crazy (besides liberals and poor people and homosexuals and government and brown people and Social Security and Medicare and abortion and science and intellectuals with their so-called “knowledge” and clean air and clean water and good looking women who won’t sleep with them probably because they’re dykes, yeah, that’s it and foreigners with their weird not-english languages and. oh yeah, sarcasm that always seems to be directed at them and then there’s Hollywood and hip hop music and how Dateline and that snoopy busybody Chris Hansen have made it almost impossible to find a date online and also that Kenyan muslim President guy who is very annoying because … did I mention that he’s black?) it’s the fact that conservatives can’t pry the youth of America away from their tattoos and their texting and casual swapping of STD’s long enough to teach them about how awesome America is.

Yep, sounds like the annoying Religious Right hacks we deal with.  Replace “America” with “tradishunl murge” and you’ve got the National Organization for Marriage and Bryan Fischer and all points between.  Thanks for ‘splaining that so concisely, TBogg!