Check out this interactive world map on the home page of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association. It allows you to choose various situations from a drop-down list to see where sexual minority status is and isn’t legal and/or protected. “Female to Female Relationships,” for example, or  “Second Parent Adoption,” or “Incitement to hatred based on sexual orientation prohibited.” You can mouse over individual countries for more information. The data aren’t complete, but they make a nice starting point if you’re trying to learn more about legal situations around the world.

And by clicking here (PDF), you can read ILGA’s May 2011 report on state-sponsored homophobia, which lists all 76 countries where homosexuality is illegal. Here, from that report, are the countries where homosexual acts are not only illegal but also punishable by the death penalty: Mauritania, Sudan, 12 northern states in Nigeria, the southern part of Somalia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.