If you are like normal Americans, you were under the impression that yesterday, Labor Day, is a holiday where we celebrate the accomplishments of the organized labor movement in this country. More information about that here! Of course, wingnuts really hate organized labor in this country, so they have to find weird, contrived things to write about it whenever it comes around. So it is that we have this dude, writing at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Choler, about what Labor Day means to him, personally:

Robert Morrison served in the Department of Education under President Ronald Reagan. He is now a Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at Family Research Council in Washington.

Great, a dingus I’ve never heard of from a hate group that annoys me.  This should be entertaining:

As we mark Labor Day, I’d like to salute those women who keep our economy productive by their labors in the home.

Scripture refers to the first time that God said that something was not good. “And the LORD God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him’” (Gen. 2:18). By “an help meet,” the Elizabethan writers of the King James Bible meant someone who is able to help a man work. Even in paradise, there is much work to be done. Naming and exercising authority over the plants and animals, making the garden fruitful — these are labors of the first order. Thus, we see marriage between man and woman as part of the natural order. In thus creating and honoring marriage, God also dignified labor.

God said something wasn’t good that wasn’t about gayness? Imagine. So we’re paying tribute to the ladies who stay at home, that’s fine. How is he going to make this about gays?

Labor unions claim credit for being “the folks who brought you the American weekend.”

That’s largely true. But today, organized labor also brings us America the weakened. That’s because liberal labor union leaders have too often ignored their members’ values as they’ve pressed for abortion-on-demand and the ending of marriage.

Bravo, weird wingnut, bravo. America is weaker because “labor unions today” (evil) spend all their time loving abortion and gayness. He of course offers no corroborating evidence for these assertions, but “proof” is anathema among the fundamentalist wingnut crowd. You’re simply supposed to take what the hate group hack says on faith!

Anyway, he goes on for several more paragraphs doing his “women should stay at home and push out babies” thing because that is the true meaning of “labor,’ and then he is finished, therefore so are we.  Ugh.

[h/t Roy]