Hey look, it’s almost the weekend.  I didn’t know what to start with this week until I was glancing through my iTunes a second ago and landed on Brandi and just said “yes.”  If you’re not familiar with Brandi Carlile, you really should be.  And I can’t settle on just one song to start with, so I picked three:  “Looking Out,” “Turpentine,” and “The Story.”  So that’s what we’ll do, we might listen to some of them on repeat, and then we hit shuffle on the old iTunes machine, see where we are ten songs later, listen to some more music, and then done.

1. The Doors – “When The Music’s Over”
2. Martina McBride – “This One’s For The Girls”
3. The Rascals – “Good Lovin'”
4. Drew Holcomb – “I Like To Be With Me When I’m With You”
5. Blind Melon – “Drive”
6. A Perfect Circle – “The Outsider”
7. Counting Crows – “Einstein On The Beach (For An Eggman)”
8. Tyler James – “The Only One”
9. The Statler Brothers – “Flowers On The Wall”
10. Brad Paisley feat. Alan Jackson – “Out In The Parkin’ Lot”

Tyler James – “The Only One”