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August 2011

Another Day, More Wingnuts Freaking Out About Glee

It’s truly terrible, a television show that features the message that gays aren’t going to hell, and actually are normal people.  That really interferes with

August 25, 2011 Blog

Richard Dawkins on the Fundamental Stupidity of Perry and the Republican Field

This entire column from Richard Dawkins is worth reading: There is nothing unusual about Governor Rick Perry. Uneducated fools can be found in every country

August 25, 2011 Blog

Join TWO in Protesting Exodus in New Hampshire — Sept. 17

Saturday, September 17 8:00am – 11:00am Event Facebook Page Exodus International is the leading proponent of reparative therapy, the quack pseudo-science that purports to turn

August 25, 2011 Blog

Yokel Rabbi Blames Gays for DC Earthquake

Despite the fact that he comes from a different faith tradition, Rabbi Yehuda Levin is essentially an Alabama redneck fundamentalist.  This is why the Religious

August 25, 2011 Blog

Update: Fred Karger is Now In

UPDATE: Fred is now in! The state GOP “Big Tent” has lifted a flap. After initially giving Fred Karger what he called “the cold shoulder”

August 24, 2011 Blog

Lutheran College Suspends Men’s Golf Team for Taking Nude Photo

ATTENTION, EVERYONE, FOR THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER. The Bethany College men’s golf team took a page out of Golf Digest’s spread of the

August 24, 2011 Blog

Failed Comedienne Makes Friends With “Ex-Gay” Couple On Radio

Um, so I missed this yesterday, and I’m mostly inclined to let it pass, but here’s Victoria Jackson, who is apparently on the radio now,

August 24, 2011 Blog

Old ‘Ex-Gay’ Who Pretends to Be Youth Apologizes For Offensive Screed

As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of so-called “ex-gay” Chad Thompson. I think he’s an aging creep who dresses up like

August 24, 2011 Blog

Jay Bakker Talks to CNN’s Don Lemon About Faith, Sexuality and Acceptance

Interesting discussion. [h/t Towleroad

August 24, 2011 Blog

Guy With Porn-Stache Says DC Earthquake Was God’s Judgment

Joseph Farah of WorldNutDaily has, predictably, stated that yesterday’s DC earthquake, which was obviously just devastating, was God’s judgment on ‘Murka for her terrible, terrible

August 24, 2011 Blog
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